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1st Mar 2017, I had an exposure on unprotected oral sex. On 17th Mar & 23rd Mar, I did 4th Gen Combo which was NEG. On 18th Mar, I had rashes on my arm, tummy, back, thigh to feet. As days passed, all started to clean but 24th Mar, something is not right again. I have red warm flushed from face to neck until today 28th Mar, is red warm flushed on face & neck, a symptom of HIV? Also, from 23rd Mar, my finger & toes were stiffen until 28th Mar. I have no fever and no sore throat.

What could it be?
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You had no exposure to HIV thru oral sex. I believe this statement has been repeated many times throughout the history of the forum. No exposure, no risk.

Having said that, unprotected oral does carry risks of other STDs.. Perhaps you can have a panel done for that.

Be well.
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Are you giver or receiver? Ejaculation in mouth?
Worriedguy8878 there is no reason to confuse Megatyphoon with your oral phobia.
You have 9 posts about your oral sex fears so have been advised of the reality of HIV science but refuse to accept it. There is no reason to bring your own attempts to create science into this thread.
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Let's put this in perspective - in the 40-ish year history of HIV, there's only a handful of people who MAY have contracted HIV via oral sex.  Not confirmed, but MAYBE.

Here's a list of a few things that are more likely to happen to you than getting HIV via oral sex:
- Death from a vending machine (~40 confirmed cases)
- Death or injury from a hippopotamus (300 deaths per year)
- Injury or death from a golf ball (300,000 in the past 10 yrs)
- Serious injury while on an escalator

And, I'm leaving out other risk events like being struck by lightning, falling out of bed, or being hit by a falling object, which are, of course, more likely than getting HIV from oral sex.  All of those risks are CONFIRMED risks, meaning they HAVE HAPPENED.  When we're talking about oral sex, we don't have hard confirmation of any HIV infections.  I doubt that anyone here is obsessing over the risks I listed above, and you should give the same concern to getting HIV from oral sex.
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