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HIV - Rapid Blood Test - 18 weeks - rash at 20 weeks

So I had an unprotected exposure in which I was inside of a woman for legit 30 to 40 minutes - stop and go method.

I am worried because come to find out I she has HSV2- this woman turns out to be a big time manipulator- real estate lawyer - and yeah...

Anyways, I have been concerned. The unprotected exposure happened December 31, 2016.
Last protected exposure was roughly January 20.

I got a cold-flu like symptoms approximately the 2/3 week of February - however me being in college. Literally 3/4 of my entire math class got sick. Go to a smaller school and many people on campus and such seemed to be sick so I didn;t think much of it.

However, I did end up getting what appeared to be herpes sores; approximately 18 days after the unprotected exposure. 3 total. Itching and tingly feeling. Looked like tiny pimples, with a solid white core. I picked at 2 of them and white core seemed to have the consistency of a blackhead. Definitely were not ingrown hairs, I have had those and they were different.

They seemed to slowly go away, crusting over, and it was like as soon as they would go away 1 or maybe 2 more would become present. Very hard to see and find, because they were pretty small. I told myself not to worry it was just a fluke.

They took forever to go away, eventually when it seemed to be gone it was approximately April 2/3 week. WHen a about 12 to 15 showed up over the course of about 3 weeks. Slowly healing, with itching, same type of consistency, with a couple having a very small amount of slimy type white puss. That of which reminded me of an infected bug bite.

So I was freaking out at this point, which I also noticed I had some dandruff and somewhat itchy scalp going on. So this all about 4 months post exposure.  Thinking maybe I contracted HSV and HIV from this person. So I went to the doctor and was checked for HSV2 via a swab, however the sore seemed to be slightly crusty, so I think it was not accurate. IT came back negative.

2 weeks later I went to a Planned Parenthood to get more check; HIV rapid BLOOD test at roughly 18 -19 weeks. This test was negative, I am curious to know how conclusive this test actually is ?

I am quite worried because last night, I went to the gym to workout. Came home and I noticed my stomache had broken out in a rash. Several light colored red marks, not really raised, not really itchy, maybe a touch tingly if anything. I wake up this morning and the rash is better, but faintly present. I should note I live in a dry climate of the Southwest Region of the USA. THe heat was dramatically hire than the past few days and more humid.

Anyways, I also had noticed that I had a few more sores show up. Looks to be 3 right inside of grown, 2 at the base of my shaft, one on the ball sack, and 2 on the pubic bone region.  Again they do not look like Herpes sores, I went to the doctor this morning. She said they appear to be folliculitis or a form of dermatitis.  They were extremely fresh so she swabbed all the fresh ones ( I still have ones from what appears to be a continuous bout, that were healing scabbed.)

I expressed quite a bit of concern because of all the symptoms I had from the exposure up until now. She ran full blood work and igg blood testing. She told me to try and relax as she thinks the false Rapid test at 18.5 weeks should have put that worry to bed.  The rash she said looked like a heat rash. Today I was outside walking my dog and itwas pretty hot out (88 Degrees).  My apartment does not have AC and it was pretty hot in there as well. I noticed after I had been sitting down on the couch the skin that was touching the couch seemed to react to break out. IN addition to some light break out on the inside of my arms.

SO naturally I am pretty worried and wondering if anyone can offer some wisdom ??

1. How conclusive is a rapid test at 18,5 weeks ? I have read 6 months is the tell all but 3 months is 97% accurate ???

2. What explains this sudden onset of rashes and sores within a 8 to 12 hour window ?

3. Do I need to be worried ?

4. THe HSV2, how is it possible that I have these sore-lesions that do not hurt and that do not appear to be HSV2 sores from what 2 different doctors have now said - how could they be present for so long or possibly going away slowly and coming back quickly ????

I am so confused and the last 5.5 months have been a nightmare for me...

any advice would be great....thank you ----
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Let's address herpes first, the would have been clustered white/ red painful bumps that quickly turned into open sores then scab over. You swabbed for that, the swab was negative . The HIV was conclusive at 3 months . Your experiencing normal heat rash as your doctor advised you. Your rash can't be an Sti if it presents and resolves within a day. I would advise you to let this go now.. Or only for your own peace of mind get a second opinion on your suspected hsv-2 . If you shave down there you can have a variety of different skin issues all harmless
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