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HIV - Risk Oral Sex

I am a man and gave another man oral sex (he put his penis in my mouth) an I blew him for a while. He did not cum in my mouth (possible pre-ejaculate did occur). He later jerked off and came on my stomach. Does this post a risk of contracting HIV?

Thank you.
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No risk.
How can you be sure of this? I have read mixed reviews on this. Does it pose  risk to other STIs?
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There have been studies carried out on couples where one partner is positive and the other is negative who participate in unprotected oral sex, there has never been a recorded case of HIV transmission this way. Also saliva has enzymes that isn't helpful to HIV transmission.

Yes, other STI's can be transmitted through oral sex,but I'm sure other people can answer the second part of the question better than me.
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No risk.
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