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HIV / hemorrhoids and anal skin tags/ fingers / indirekt infection

Hi Guys,

it is likely that I will be exposed to HIV-positive men more often than usually because of occupational reasons.

First off: I think that I am more at risk to catch HIV because I have hemorrhoids and anal skin tags and I have to push them back with my fingers. So I will I come into contact with my mucous membrane which is a route to get hiv-infected.

My mind imagines to get infected with HIV as follows:

I shake hands with an HIV-infected person. I imagine the HIV on my finger(s) now. As you already know I have hemorrhoids and anal skin tags and and I have to push them back if I take a dump. I am now imagining to push the hemorrhoids/anals skin tags back
with my fingers with the HIV on it. AS I am doing this I will come into contact with my the mucuous membranes of my anus and rectum. I imagine that I get HIV-infected in this way.

Is my mind just making this risk up or is there a real risk to get infected in this way? If there is a risk how big is it?

I have read that the virus will be inactivated very quickly (a few minutes?) once it is exposed to air. So, I would say that if I do not push the hemorrhoids / anal skin tags back and hence don't touch the mucous membranes I should be fine?

And after a few minutes the virus should be inactive so there should be no problem if I my mucuos membranes come into contact with the inactive virus?

Thank You.

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HIV is not transmitted from touching. HIV is transmitted by:

Unprotected vaginal and/or anal sex
Mother to unborn/nursing child
IV drug use
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I meant: And is not rubbing the HI-Virus ON my finger onto my mucous membrane not also touching?
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No you don't because I also advised you HOW HIV IS TRANSMITTED.
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