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HIV - partner's tests negative but my symptoms matched it almost entirely

Hopefully I'm just being paranoid here but anyway here goes. I'm a 19 year old male. Back in September I had unprotected vaginal sex. About 2 weeks later I developed what I later found out were common symptoms of early HIV: Sore throat (mine was about a 7 on the pain scale), occasional chills, and minor fatigue. On about the third day of symptoms I went to see a doctor; I tested negative for strep but because the swab was faulty and also a rapid test, they gave me cephalexin anyway. My symptoms resolved by the time I was done, although a few days later I had a minor sore throat for some reason. This went away in less than a week. In the middle of all that I was treated (and cured) for chlamydia. Just yesterday I found out my symptoms matched HIV so I freaked out and immediately contacted my partner to see if she had been tested. She reassured me multiple times that she had tested negative for HIV. She had done a blood test about six weeks after she had been with anyone other than me. She at the time tested positive for chlamydia, received treatment, and was cured. Four weeks later she got tested again, and again it was negative.  I have never had sex with anyone else, so she is the only person that could have given it to me. Still, I am having trouble finding peace of mind here. So here are my questions:

1. Is it really possible that I just happened to come down with an illness that mimics HIV that also perfectly fit the HIV timeline?
2. Should I get tested anyway, or are my partner's results evidence enough that I am clean?
3. Could this be another form of disease that I should be concerned about? I have not experienced any of the above symptoms in a long time, but sometimes I seem to have circulation issues. I get chest pains at night sometimes, usually if lying down. I also have had issues with ED, and have noticed that sometimes when I get an erection, other parts of my body will "fall asleep" (usually part of an arm or a leg).

Thanks to all who respond. I am in need of answers for my body's bizarre behavior over the last few months.
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Hi, im not sure why your associating these symptoms with hiv from a one time affair as its really not that common. How many people do you know that are HIV  positive? None i bet.
HIV is not diagnosed by symptoms as they can be anything causing your issues.
1. You have HIV anxiety so i would suggest you to have a test for peace of mind.
2. yes for i dont beleive anything short of testing will ease your anxiety.
3. You should not worry about any disease as getting an erection and having your arm or leg fall asleep is not any disease symptom.
The reason I am panicking isn't just the symptoms, but their timing as well and also that I never received a diagnosis for said symptoms. Idk, it just seems like too much of a coincidence to me.
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Its your anxiety not hiv but do take the test for peace of mind
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