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Hello everyone,

I have a few questions, so please answer them in order. Thanks for your time.

1) I been dating a girl for about 1 year in the beginning we both got tested and came back negative. She then performed Oral Sex on me and three months after, I tested + for Chlamydia but she tested - . So that was strange.

2) Three months after the 2nd test I had vaginal sex with her, and I used Trojan Condoms every single time. Months later I had a burn in urine and so I went to the doctor immediately a week ago, and he told me to test for the entire panel. However, HE TELLS ME CONDOMS DO NOT PROTECT AGAINST STDS OR HIVS, TELLS ME THEY ARE ONLY TO PREVENT PREGNANCY. I do not know if he is crazy or telling the truth.

3) Its been three days after they withdrew 4 tubes of blood from my arm and I notice a lump in my arm about the size of a single lentil. Is  that normal  or are their needles used.

4) Since I used a condom for the Vaginal Sex am I protected or not. Moreover, my girlfriend is 120% sure that she is clean, her previous husband was clean as well, so I am confident she is clean. What is crazy is how I have a burn in my urine.

5) I read on here that oral sex does not transfer HIV, so I feel that is true.

6) I test every 2-3 months is that normal and accurate.

Thanks sorry for all the questions.
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latex, polyurethane and polyisoprene condoms DO PROTECT against hiv.   your dr is off his rocker ! ! !
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You never had an exposure and I suggest you find another doctor that knows what they are talking about. Condoms used correctly and consistently are 100% effective in preventing HIV and most STD transmissions.
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1) yes that is strange, you can check with the STD Forum
2) There are effective in preventing HIV when used correctly
3) No the needled would not be re-used
4)Using condom for vaginal/anal sex is safe and prevents transmission
5)Yes, that is true...Oral Sex is safe sex
6)You only need to test if you have unprotected vaginal/anal sex with a person of unknown status 3 months post exposure for a conclusive result
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"I do not know if he is crazy or telling the truth."

Could be crazy but most likely just plain ignorant about HIV and STDs. The burning in the urine could be NGU transmitted through oral sex (possibly). But nothing would have been transmitted to your urethra through condom-protected vaginal sex.
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So the "BS" I heard from him about condoms are not meant to "protect" against std's and hiv is bogus information. His name is Dr. Felix Ma and hes getting 3 star reviews online so I was a bit alarmed when I heard him say that, I even asked him again cause I thought I was maybe hallucinating his previous words, but he confirmed it again, I dunno if he was against me or just thought anyone who gets tested is primarily a dirty person, beats me.
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