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HIV, unprotected oral, and wisdom teeth removal risk


So, I met a great guy and we had limited sexual encounters involving mutual masturbation, fingering, kissing, rimming, and some brief unprotected oral (not rough at all) with one time where he came and then after about a minute I briefly sucked the tip of his penis. This all happened in early-mid March, 2011.

I used to have an impacted tooth that bled very infrequently. In early January, I had a deep gum and tooth cleaning, being given instructions to keep my hygiene even better. I also had my wisdom teeth removed and since mid February, ZERO blood in gums/mouth and sockets are healing great. One is still slightly open, but no infections in mouth ever since surgery and ZERO blood when flossing or in mouth in general now.

Great guy turned out to be HIV + and I am worried.

The info out there on oral sex is so misleading and confusing... SO, AM I AT RISK???

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We didn't ever ejaculate into each other's mouths.

Thx again.
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You were never in any kind of risk of contracting HIV.
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Thx and thank you for your work here.
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The wisdom tooth thing had me worried cause when they say openings in mouth, was wondering if that meant healed/healing unbleeding tooth sockets.
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