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Hello Doc. I had an unprotected sex on 24th nov and after 10-15 days i had itchy feeling in my organ and on examining my urine i found pus cells which disappeared after taking ofloxacin 400mg twice a day- but after that i started having some muscle pain which is now off again-  i had my HIV test as well at 7weeks and 3 days after the probable exposure but found negative through rapid method of testing. can i consider it as sure and certain a NEGATIVE test?
Few days back i had inflammation of parotid gland which pains also.
please make me clear whether it may be a case of HIV and due to anxiety i have my body warm as well.
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This is not the correct page for posting to the doctors 20011978 @ $15.00 a pop, this is the page to hear opinions from civilians like myself and others who weight in on your post and freely give you our advice and support. I'm sure you already know that unprotected sex is already risk and i would advise a test for hiv @ three months after your encounter. Symptoms are not a good rule of thumb as it varies from person to person-the way the body reacts, ect. I don't know the background of your partner so it's hard to give you further advice but if you wish state if your partner was a csw-commercial sex worker -or- ....? Good luck to you and feel free to add any other information to your post you think may help...
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Sounds like you had a bacterial infection, not HIV.  Your negative test result shows that you don't have HIV.  I don't see any need for further testing, it's up to you to test again at a later timepoint if you're still anxious.
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To obtain a conclusive negative result you will need to test out to three months.
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