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HIV-1 RNA qualitive result interpreation

Pls can anyone can help to understand below HIV-1 RNA PCR Qualitative result,after look this report Pls answer my below questions,

                                                  HIV-1 RNA Detection by Taqman Plasma

Test Principle : Real Time PCR

Target Selected : Highly conserved sequence among the various HIV-1
group M subtypes and HIV-1 group O is selected for
amplification and detection.

Equipment : COBAS AmpliPrep and COBAS TaqMan

Limit of detection : 20 copies/ml

Specimen : EDTA PLASMA

HIV -1 RNA Detection(Qualitatitve)- NOT DETECTABLE

Result Interpretation:
• A "positive" HIV-1 RNA result indicates a HIV-1 infection in the individual.
• A "NOT DETECTABLE" result indicates the absence of HIV-1 infection or the individual with viral less than 20 copies.


1.What does it indicates positive or negative?
2.Generally i see a word 'Not detected' for negative result,but my result is 'Not  detectable' this both words means the same thing?

Thank you.
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What was your exposure?
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Before I tell my exposure and other details,Please can you tell me based on this report ' NOT DETECTABLE' result indicates whether POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE?

Thank you
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It's negative
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hi thanks for your answers,

Yes as you said result will be undetectable for people who take hiv medications.

If possible pls answer my specific questions,I will be grateful to you.

1.I see many labs are mentioning the word 'not detected' but my report says 'not detectable'really there is any difference between this two words?

2.if I take a person who not exposed to hiv for this test to the laboratory where I performed,result will be 'not detectable'?

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my doctor said that this is qualitative rna pcr test for screening purposes,'not detectable' result indicates Negative for HIV for people those who are taking this test for HIV screening.

Just I am looking for other opinions regarding my doctor statement.
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