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HIV 1 and 2 and P24 COMBO test (CMIA)

Hi Doctor,

I am from Delhi, India. I had unprotected sex with  part time sex worker . I early was using condom but she told she is disease free . she  is of around 39 + years of age and weighing around 90 kg . Once she convinced me I removed condom and had oral sex , but I ejaculated outside .After that we had chilli chicken which proved she is not having sore in mouth . I gained confidence and had vaginal sex without condom . I ejaculated little inside her  and little out side . This happened on 25-september-2011 . We had another encounter on 9 October 2011 , but I have not ejaculated I have left the exercise as few guest came . That Lady is having red bumps just like eczema between neck and boobs . I asked her what is this  .She told me that this is reaction has been done by some medicine.

This made me confused and I asked her whether she is having  HIV or not  as she does part time this activity to run his family. She replied that she is disease free.

I have read on internet HIV 1 and 2  and P24 COMBO test (CMIA)  test to be done after 28 days .

From 25-septmeber-2011 …  its 42 days
From 9 –October-2011 ..its 29 days

I did my HIV 1 and 2  and P24 COMBO test (CMIA) on 6 th November 2011.

Index value  0.13
Result non reactive.  

Comments from Lab:-

Non Reactive result implies that antibodies to HIV 1 / 2 have not been detected in the sample. This means the patient has either not been exposed to HIV 1/2 infection or the sample has been tested during “window phase” i.e. before the development of detectable levels of antibodies .Hence non reactive result does not exclude the possibility of exposure or infection with HIV 1 /2

Question : Do I need to get tested after 9 Jan 2010 as window period (90 days) is going to be completed here.

Detail History

I got panick in thought she might me not aware of her status . I am having High Blood Pressure . I started having Two clove of Raw Garlic daily in the morning with 40mg of my BP pills on 9 October 2011 .

I have taken it more than one and a half weak . As I read on internet that Garlic is used to cure AIDS Patient .I thought if it has been used as medicine for treatment for later statge of disease . If I started taking early , in case of infection, It will kill virus or stop replicating at initial stage.
But in return I started sweating a lot , even night sweat I had . I have to be in AC so that sweat should not occur . My arms started paining and feeling burning sensation in body  My BP goes down  After a 10 days ,I have started taking one Clove of Raw Garlic in night .

I do carry pain and sweating in day time .  I feel heat at spinal cord and started sweating.

Then I stopped taking Garlic on 23  October to 30 October as I felt I am allegic to raw Garlic . But I still feel pain in my left arm . I again stated taking garlic . This time I started with very aged One Clove of  Raw Galic  in night .After half an hour I started feeling burning sensation in me foot . That last for whole night and next day and burning sensation in arm and leg next day . I have taken One clove of Raw Garlic till % November 2011 . I feel the some time tingling and burning sensation in my left foot .

I have stopped taking Raw Garlic , but I feel some times burning sensation on lower side of left leg and some times on arm.

I always think If Tested Positive how to deal it with .  Every in the morning when I pray I started crying.

I generaaly wake up in mid night to check whether I am sweating or not . Then I remember God and then try to sleep

What does these signifies  Kindly advice

Warm Regards
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Whilst your unprotected oral sex encounter did not put you at risk, your unprotected instance(s) of sexual intercourse has put you at risk.

The only way to ascertain results with 100% conclusiveness is by testing at the 90 day mark.

It sounds to me that you are getting paranoid about your symptoms and you are developing an anxiety disorder as a result.

Here's what I think - p24 antigen tests are only useful in the immediate short term, i.e. 2-4 weeks after infection.  Whilst they are sensitive and effective, they are only used in conjunction with other testing.  Your doctor will, or should at least, ask you to return after 90 days has elapsed for a conclusive result.

Garlic is NOT used to cure/treat HIV AIDS, so all you are doing is filling your body with copious amounts of an irrelvant substance.

In your particular case, any HIV test you have around 9th January 2012 will be 100% accurate.

A negative result is always good before the 3 month time has elapsed, but only really serves your anxiety - rather than giving you that 100% all clear.

Dont spend your time thinking about how your going to deal with a HIV diagnosis, spend your time thinking about how your not going to be so naive to trust a sex worker who tells you to have sex with her without a condom - this is how you are going to pick up infections.

As for your symptoms, most of them do not sound like ARS - they can be linked to many many other kinds of conditions - testing and testing alone is the only thing that can give you the answer - so your doing the right thing, you just need to learn to relax and think less negatively.

I would also advise that you screen for other routine STD's such as Chlamydia, Gonorreah, etc.

Good luck, im sure you'll be fine.

Hope this helps
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Hi ,

Thanks for your kind advice . I will do test after 90 days . but I have seen in some post . P24 antigen test catch infection at early stage


"Finally, it is almost impossible that you have HIV in light of negative tests for both HIV antibody and P24 antigen at ~2 weeks after exposure.  (India is a medically sophisticated country.  The tests used and their results are just as reliable as anywhere in the world.)

The time frame of 3 months until completely reliable testing is standard advice.  But it is hyper-conservative.  The modern HIV antibody tests almost always are positive within 6 weeks.  And as I said above, the combination of negative antibody and negative P24 antigen at 16 days is highly reliable. "


"So in general, p24 antigen is formed slightly before antibodies are forming allowing us to close the gap between infection to detection time - the HIV window period. As time goes on, then the majority of newly infected HIV positive people will form antibodies to HIV 1 or 2 by 28 days. In combination then, looking for both the HIV 1 p24 antigen and also HIV 1 and 2 antibodies will allow for much earlier detection of HIV than looking for HIV antibodies alone.

28 day onward testing negative is conclusive!!!!

Why tell people to go on stressing for 12 weeks that is outrageous!!!!"

Thats why I am confused . On 90 day I will be tested by ELISA Method

Kindly advice

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Try telling that to the person I know who tested negative at 25 days and positive at 36 days.  I'm sure he would have something to say about that.

You are to trying to rationalise your anxiety by finding reasons to speed up your window period or gain a test result early.

What you need to be doing is testing at 12 weeks for your conclusive result.  Yes, 3 months is conservative, but it is there for a reason.

I'm sure you have nothing to worry about, but as I said, wait for the 12 week mark

Best wishes
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I had a sexual exposure with 2 girls in 2011 around December, I tested for Hiv 1&2 cmia method in hospital which came negative.Now after a year I am getting symptoms as slight lymph node , nerve pain kind in my body.I am married and my Patner also has same symptoms I don't have courage to do the Hiv test again.Pls advice what to do.How accurate is this test I did .Do I need to test again.I have not had any sexual activity since dec 2011.
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In which hospital you underwent HIV 1 and 2  and P24 COMBO test (CMIA) in delhi?? I could not find any hospital in internet which checks for both antigen and antibody?? It would be great help if you could share details of hospital
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