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HIV 1 and HIV 2

One question for my knowledge:

I have heard and read that some laboratories only test for HIV 1 because they say HIV is very uncommon and is from Africa. So, i you werent in Africa, test for HIV 1 would be enough.

Make sense?? not for me!!

As Europe is full of african sexworkers... I think is easy to spread hiv 2.

Just one man or woman ifected in Europe and travelling to USA and reinfect, it would be enough to spread HIV 2, all over the world. Wouldn´t be??

So why are some docs telling just to test for HIV type 1??
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HIV1 is the predominant HIV type in Africa.
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HIV 1 predominat in Africa??

I was wrong then!!

So HIV 2 is less common worldwide,

I understand

Doubt solved :) THNX
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