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Dear Doctors and Gentlemens,

I had an exposure 110 days ago, I had an protected ( but really I am not sure that yhe condom faıled or broken or ıt has some holes on ıt, the exparatıon date ıs okey but) sex wıth a sex worker, My concern ıs about HIV-2 because I had 4 test after the exposure, the test are wrıtten below, Some ınternet news or forums I have read that hıv -2 ıs less vırulent and there ıs no enough research about hıv-2, the wındow perıod wıll be more than 3 months or 6 months. Please gıve your advıces about me, I have tonsılıts for 4 weeks from the 77th days after the exposure.
After 42 days Hıv duo ultra ( bıomerux) Elfa - ab :0.07 , ag : 0.00 negatıve
After 52 days Hıv roche combi pt 0.23 negatıve
After 63 days Hıv roche combi pt 0.26 negatıve
After 90 days Hıv roche combi pt 0.21 negatıve
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You don't have HIV. You've tested conclusively negative.
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congrats--you're negative--you don't have HIV.
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Dear Teak, Thanks for your comment, I want to learn really about Hıv 2, can you explaın as sımple, ıt has same wındow perıod ?
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What I forget to say I had thıs rıxy exposure ın bawdy house and afrıcan people are allowed to go thıs place ın my country. I am living in Turkiye. Sorry, I do not want to take your tıme but please these test can not fınd p 24 for hıv-2 , because of thıs 3 months ıs also for hıv 2.
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Yes it does have the same window period,it's not as serious as HIV1 and it's as rare as hens teeth and mainly found in west africa..
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the antibody part of a duo, tests for hiv1 and hiv2...and is conclusive at 3 months post exposure.

your tests PROVE...without a doubt...that you do NOT have hiv.
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Dear lizzz rAinlover and teak is there any guideee or any research for hiv 2 window period. İn usa hiv 2 eia only im some labs use is it first generation or twoo. İs there any differencee between these test and fourth generation test antibody parts Thanks for your kind help
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3 months post exposure is when you can obtain a conclusive negative test result on both types of HIV.
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dear all, thanks for your helps, last questıon.
After 80 days from my exposure antı hcv antı hbs hbs ag negatıve, then my dr saıd to start hepatitis b vaccine, fırst vaccıne done, one month passed before second vaccıne I tested for antı hbs, ıf ıt comes negatıve, does ıt mean I am producıng antıbody for hıv or other std late. Thanks for your comments.
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