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Here you go....these guys do HIV-2 DNA PCR

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Notice how they do not do testing in NY?
Wow, Big Brother really wants to know your medical info.!
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They do HIV-2 screening (Lab Corp.)
Might be cheaper too.

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yeah big brother is watching :) And so do the insurance companies, they pay for that info 2, there is no way around it:)Even if you order the test on line, and they give you an alias name to take the test under it when you go to the lab... they still know your info, because you used your credit card. So for this kind of test you will not stay anonymous... more like "confidential"
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It depends on the state you get tested in. Some states require you to disclose your name for HIV testing, others do not. In the states that do not, you can use an alias and your name is not reported to the state, even if you test positive. Note though that even in the states with reporting, you can skirt the reporting. You go to one of their free state sponsored labs, get the OraQuick test (if it is available in that state), give a false name and they'll never know.
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