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HIV-2 positive on ELISA and indeterminate WB

Hi - I am pregnant and had a routine HIV test.  i came back "borderline" positive for HIV-2, at 1.13, and indeterminate on the Western Blot.  I am currently awaiting the retest results, and my husband's have already come back negative.  He is the only man I have ever had a sexual relationship with, I've never had IV drugs or a blood transfusion, or even a tattoo.  I did test positive for rheumatoid arthritis, however.  (and read that this can cause a positive ELISA)  

What could be causing this?  I know I tested negative last summer b/c I applied for and was given life insurance.  Please help me understand, as I'm trying to stay calm for the sake of the baby while I await the PCR results, or hopefully a neg. WB tomorrow.

Thanks - Jenn
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What area do you live in?
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I agree with chrisneedshelp.  Both rheumatoid arthritis, as well as pregnancy can cause a false reading on an ELISA test.  That is why every ELISA positive test should be retested using a WB.  You don't seem to be a high risk person at all.  I would simply put it behind me until the PCR results come in, which will surely indicate that you do not have the HIV virus.  I wish and your pregnancy nothing but the best.
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the dc metro area.  why?
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I doubt that you have a concern for HIV2 in the DC metro area. What was your results for your HIV1 test?
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neg. HIV1.  it's the indeterminate WB that's freaking me out additionally.  i seriously have ZERO risk, but it's just so crazy and i'm freaking out that i might have gotten it randomly.  
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yeah, that's what i know in my head.  but these test results are throwing me, you know?
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