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Hello. I´m from Brazil.

My last exposure to HIV was when I had sex with my ex girlfrien almost 15 years ago.

Now I´m having some symptoms like sweating, losing weight, white spots on the tongue and body rash.

I am so worried!!! Help me!!! what are the odds for me having aids?
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have you had any test done? the only way to find out is to test. 14/15 years after exposure, if you had hiv, you would have been deathly sick by now. We cant diagnose hiv using symptoms. if you had not had any test, will be a good idea to test than to live in uncertainty and anxiety.
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Thanks for you answer.

I´ve already scheduled the test.

In your opinion, what are the odds that my symptoms are because of HIV/AIDS?
HIV can be "dormant" in the body for many years, which only means it is not producing any clinical signs or symptoms of illness. However, even if it is clinically "dormant" it is NOT dormant in terms of activity. Even without symptoms, HIV can be reproducing itself by millions of new copies every day.

The virus can be clinically silent, but it is still detectable by an HIV antibody test.

As malbat has wisely advised you, get tested now.

I´ve already scheduled my test. thanks for your answer
Are you guys doctors?
No, we are not doctors, but we are educated about HIV
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