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I had 3 years ago a sex with sex workerin,after 8 weeks happened to me syptoms like-nausea,white tongue,Drying cough,night sweats,Swollen lymph glands in neck(under ears),weight loss,....after 2 months eveything disapear,then I did test for hiv antibodie-negativ results.I was happy,felt again healthy.Then after 2 years beginn with symptoms witch I have till today like-Headaches, nausea,fell very weak,all the time coated tongue-white,blurred and distorted vision,stiff neck,mental problems-depression,problem with memory and concentration,...I did again hiv test-result-negativ,Then I did own investigation-CD4 count,whitch in march was-(CD4-340,CD8-316,CD4/CD8-1.08) again inJUN(CD4-420,CD8-272,CD4/CD8-1.54) and CMV test whitch is positiv in IgG-(42 AU/ml) also EBV positiv IgG(69 NTU),from my morfology  blood tests level of Lymphocytes was usualy low betwen-0.5-1.1(1-4.8 normal).My question is - do you have any idea what is going on?Whats happened to me?Could I still be infected with HIv without hiv antibody?It is any medical explanation what is going on with me?Please help me?what I can do now,maybe you can sugest what kind of tests I should do more?
Kind regards-Matt
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NO... Work with your doctor.
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the symptoms you have posted is the exact same as myn im almost certain that we are both suffering from anxiety i had a no risk situation condom protected sex, and i have had a barrage of symptoms for the past 9 months exactly like yours even with the blurred vision and head aches!

Ive read that sever anxiety can crash your immune system maybe this is whats going on?
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