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HIV ARS symptoms??

Hi All,

I'm really freaked out and need some assistance. I had been to a massage parlor in UK. both of us were completely naked. She jump on top of me and started rubbing her vagina on my penis. In 2-5 seconds I pushed her and asked her not to touch her vagina on my penis. She agree and rubber my penis with her thugs for 30 seconds.

Then I got a boob job and I was done. The encounter was not protected. I went to the parlor next day and asked if she had any STD like HIV etc. she said no. Now I have few questions;

1. Is my encounter risky? What is the risk of HIV here?
2.after 2.5 weeks, I felt some weakness in my legs. This usually happens when I'm terrified but goes away. However I'm having this weakness for 2 days now. Is this a symptom of ARS?
3. At the same time, I had nasal congestion and runny nose. Is this symptom of HIV? This lasted only 2 days
4. Last question, at 3 weeks, I saw some bumps on my tounge. It is not visible, I had to really open my mouth wide to see them. I see there are 4 sores... 2 on each side. I don't have any pains l. I can eat; swallow, drink hot water etc. also eating spicy food. If the sores are related to HIV, will it pain?

Really looking forward for some response from doctors. I know I did something very stupid and have learnt a big lesson.
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You had no risk of HIV because you can't get HIV from touching HIV or oral activities. You are so safe that you don't even need to test. There is nothing to be anxious about.
People like you who don't have HIV can get any of those symptoms at any time so that has nothing to do with diagnosing HIV.

HIV is instantly inactivated in air and saliva which means it is effectively dead as soon as it leaves someone's body so it can't infect from touching or oral. It doesn't matter if you and they were actively bleeding or had cuts at the time either because the HIV is effectively dead.
Only adult risks are unprotected penetrating vaginal or anal sex or sharing needles that you inject with but you didn't do that so you had no risk. This sentence is all you need to know to protect yourself against HIV.
Even with blood, lactation cuts, rashes, burns etc air or saliva does not allow inactivated virus to infect from touching it or oral activities. The above HIV science is 40 years old and very well established so nothing you can add will make your situation a risk.
You interact with others who carelessly cough on you and your food so colds are to be expected at any time.
Thank you for your response. It brings some ease to my continuous thinking about my contracting the disease. I'll still see a dermatologist to examine my oral sores. I have not seen such sores before in my mouth.

Thank you once again.
One quick question about the raised bumps I see on my tounge. They don't seem to hurt. If it were bumps related to HIV, will it hurt when we eat or do we face difficulty when swallowing food?

I also see some thrush on right side of my tounge. Please help me with clarifications.

Thank you.
Reread about the 40 for clarifications.
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Hi AnxiousNoMore,

Just an update.

Today at 3 weeks 3 days, I got diarrhea. Not sure if this is due to eating out or it's due to ARS. I'll also feel little nauseatic. Not sure if I'm purposely trying to look for things and trying to correlate it to HIV.

Let me see how long does this diarrhea last.

Also if I test at 4 weeks, how reliable will it be?
No risk=no HIV=no ARS. Your problem isn't disease, it is anxiety so consider seeing a therapist.
Hi AnxiousNoMore, thank you for your response.

Just for my piece of my, I wanted to go and get tested. Could you please let me know how conclusive are the result after 4 weeks?

The symptoms I'm seeing is making me go nuts.

Thanks again for your help and it feels good to get some reassurance.
You don't have HIV.  There's nothing more to discuss.  

Any test you take will be conclusive, and negative, as you had no risk for HIV.  However, to answer a general question, the 4th generation test is conclusive at 4 weeks.
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Hi CurfewX,

Is HIV Duo test a 4th generation test? I took a test at 29th day and it came back negative.

Can I take this result and close this forever?
Consider therapy for your anxiety, since you are so nervous you haven't been able to accept anything you have been told here.
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