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HIV Combo test after 38 days (using PEP)

Hello Doctors,

I had unprotected sex with a sex worker 40 days ago. I took PEP (Mylan Avonza TDF+3TC+EFV) 20 hours later and never missed a dose in 28 days.

At day 29th, I tested for HBV, Syphilis and HIV Combi PT. 2 days ago (day 38th), I went for a retest with HIV Combo Ag/Ab. All the results were Negative.

I would be most grateful if you would response to some of my questions:
1. Were my results for HBV and Syphilis at day 29th considered conclusive?
2. Have you ever experienced any case in which HIV Negative result turned Positive after 5 weeks?
3. Could you please briefly name some kind of factors that contribute to the delay of HIV seroconversion?
4. I have had no sign of Genital Warts at this point. Am I considered safe with it?

Thank you!
Sorry for my bad English.
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Taking PEP re-sets the clock on the window period.  The window period does not begin until the date after your last dose of PEP.  Your test will not be accurate until 28 days after your last dose.

Since this forum is only for HIV, I'll direct you to the STDs forum to ask relevant questions: https://www.medhelp.org/forums/STDs---STIs/show/98
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CurfewX has given you good advice.  You now must wait until you've finished PEP to test.  When is your last dose?  Then you wait after that.  Please know that there is less than 2 percent chance of transmission from a one time sexual exposure such as you had so you would have likely been negative. But since you took PEP, you need to follow testing protocol.
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