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HIV Combo test

Dear Dr,
I did the HIV combo test blood drawn vein after

23 days Combi PT ( Cobas)
31 days Combo Ag/Ab Abbott Alinity ci series
43 days Combi PT ( Cobas)
50 days Combo Ag/Ab ( Serum,CMIA)

All these result was negative and my exposure (Unprotected sex)
Are these results conclusive? Should I take another test
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Are these results conclusive? Should I take another test
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no.  I am guessing you know this answer. Your anxiety needs to allow you to accept it. Your test was conclusive if it was a 4th generation test beginning on day 28 and beyond.  You've tested conclusively negative.
Consider therapy if you have some kind of obsessive compulsive issue, because you have repeated all of the advice and put a question mark after each sentence which indicates some kind of repetitive behavior.
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Oral, anal or vaginal? Test was conclusive after 4 weeks. Further testing would be abnormal and indicate hiv fixation.
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Vaginal sex
Vaginal and anal are a risk so it was correct to test however don't take any more.
Sir, so i don't need to take any test again, right?

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