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HIV Concern?

About a Month ago I sex with a call girl.  She performed oral on me using a condom, and I pentrated her with same condom. After I came i pulled out and saw that the condom was not fully on, half way off.  Two days later I noticed a red sore on my shaft....I tested for HIV Oraquick at 5 weeks 3 days--negative result.

My concern:
- is it possible to that a condom can cause enough friction to break my skin?
- Does this sound like a high risk of expsosure?
- Is Oraquick at 5 weeks 3 days reliable?
- I am having constant dizziness, couple red blotches (rash) on chest, weird acne on face and body, occasional night sweats.

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.....

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You don't have an HIV concern. As long as the head of your penis was covered you had no risk.
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Thanks Teak...I've seen your posts, although short, they are to the point, and consistent.

If you don't mind, can you elaborate more on condoms causing frictive abrasions to the penis skin, and if so, could vaginal fluids (if infected) become a conerns through a friction type sore?  Is this at all a possible way of infection?  Or is it only as you mentioned through the tip of the penis?

Again, I aprreciate your help!  Worried sick--my ailments (I hope at least) are porbably from anxiety.......
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No you cannot be infected with an abrasion type sore.
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Really?  I feel alot better from your answer.

however, I must tell you that the sore was quite red and hurt badly--but was gone in a few days, and didn't scab over or anything--almost like a latex reaction....?

Anyways, thanks again, I am still going to get a finger prick rapid test on Tuesday, and then probably another at the 3mo mark.
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