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Greetings everyone

First let me say I had a risky encounter around Sept condom  broke didn't realize it until too late ...three weeks later bashing headaches, break out in head sweats, some diarrhea tingling in fingers and severe lower back spams I notice i had blood in my urine drops of it was leaking unto my underwear I ask the Dr did I have a uti they ran test and said no I didnt have one I asked about the back pain he suggested it was the way I was sleeping or a possible sprain.....I then ask him about HIV he laughed it off and no son you are ok I suggested he draw blood he did a wbc and not hiv only thing he said was my blood pressure was high and I had protein spilling in kidneys.  Doc told me that my blood look good and I was healthy. Fast forward a two months I get athletes foot and a severe case of jock itch after treating the jock itch  and the athletes feet the top layer of my feet would peel I also notice like dark muddy spots just beneath the skin on my ankles .After curing the jock itch I get bright red rash on my chest shoulders and under my breast(March) it favored P roseca  the Dr said it was Tinea Corporis. My questions is are these opportunistic infections of HIV? I definatley know I need to be tested asap.. Please advise on the fungal eruptions please I have never had an rash on my chest ever. Thanks
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HIV does not have opportunistic infections. You can obtain your conclusive test result 3 months post exposure.
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