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HIV Contration From Breast Secretion/Fluid

Hello Dr Hunter and Dr Edward,

About a month ago, I sucked on the nipple of a female sex worker and realised a bit of secretion came out of her breast - I could taste it on my tongue, I immediately spit it out. Since then, I have been worried sick and suffering from stress and anxiety of having contracted the virus from my above encounter.

Was my above exposure a potential risk of HIV transmission?
Assuming the female is newly infected and has a high load of viral in her breast fluid, what are the chances of me contracting it through my mouth/tongue mucous membrane linings?

I've not been able to sleep, eat or work normally and I m very very stressed since this incident happened.
Please provide me with an answer.

Thank you.
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You never had an exposure.
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As teak said, you had no risk.  Breastfeeding is only a risk to infants whose immune systems are still immature.  Exposure to breast milk in the manner you describe as an adult would not cause infection
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but what abt contracting it through my mouth/tongue mucous membrane linings? i recall my tongue being very dry at tht time with little or no saliva to offer protection...could the virus get absorbed through my mouth and ir mucous linings in the mouth n tongue. sorry guys but u m very stressed abt this incident....
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NO.Unless you are an infant,which clearly you are NOT,then you never had a risk whatever spin you put on this.
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do any of you suggest I should go for a HIV test? what if the results are positive, i ll be devastated! I have never came to this sort of situation in my life.... it's like my whole life has turned upside down since the incident.
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No, you dodn't have a risk, therefore do not require testing.  If your life is so affected by something that was not even a risk, you need to seek some help for your anxiety!
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I dont wanna waste all of your time, but my fears are legit. The reason being is, I did a test using the HIV Home Test Saliva Kit and the results came out positive!!!! I m not sure how accurate that device is....but the results were devastating to me....
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If you did not have unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or share IV drug works, then you do not have HIV, period.  The test result is likely a false positive.

Go to a clinic and have a follow up test to put your mind at ease, but again, this is NOT a risk, you do not have an HIV concern.  If you DID have another real exposure you are not telling us about (unprotected sex), then you would have a little more reason to be concerned.
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I would recommend that you go and see a doctor and have a test that is performed correctly. Unless you have had unprotected penetrative sex or have been injecting street drugs immediately after the previous user then you cannot have HIV. You will not get HIV from breast milk so there is either something you are not telling us or you performed the test incorrectly
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Really, one would thought you would have mentioned that in your first post, bizzare that you didnt, i wonder why??

Well false positives happen, quiet often infact. You should go to a approved clinic to retest, but what ever the outcome its not from this. So little point asking questions when you should start dealing with facts and thats testing in your case.
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I have never engaged in anal, vaginal or oral sex - period.
The above experience is the only encounter I've had - period.
I will go for a test today and update upon obtaining the results.
I m hoping I am wrong and all of you are correct.
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Then it would sound logical if you never had unprotected sex that this is a false positive, if that was the case?
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That's the case - I never had vaginal, oral or anal sex before and also I've never engaged in any intravenous drug use. So when the results of the saliva home test kit showed positive, you can imagine how I m feeling....
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The only approved home test kit is HOME ACCESS and you don't use saliva with it.
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I have undertaken blood test and will get the results on wednesday.....meantime i realised tht i have some some rash on top of my left n right shoulder-little red dots. Also my neck has been hurting..right side above color bone....i dont see a swell....can these be considered as hiv symptoms? i did not get or realise abt any other symptoms since the incident... I m into the 7th week after the incident.... Shouldnt there be more obvious symptoms by now? i m really terified.... i cant concieve the idea tht i cud be infected just like tht by the incident tht took place....but yet my mind isnt letting the matter to rest. has there been any case of hiv infection in the manner i described? i m worried sick due to the fact tht wat if the virus has made its way into the bloodstream through the mucous linings of my tongue n mouth as my mouth was very dry at tht time....i didnt hv much saliva.    

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What part of "You did not have an exposure" is it you don't understand?
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how can u tell for sure? pls dont be upset. i m just worried sick.sorry.
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