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HIV DNA PCR -Dont have this test..DONT

Hello people

I had post before to this forum and explained my situation..
I had a low ,propably zero risk exposure..Unprotected oral-Protected vaginal with sex worker.Like many people out of ignorance i thought that a very good option to confirm my status would be the Dna Pcr test. It was advertised as reliable,accurate and the most important factor was that u could have a result faster than ordinary tests..
What a tragedy when i found out that result was possitive.POSSITIVE..
Can u imagine how that feels? Can u?
So i had to confirm my status in the hospital by 4th gen tests(ELISA-P24 ANT-WESTERN BLOT) and i had to wait for 5 days for results that finally were negative..The pain all those days was extremelly bad..I had to hospitalized for few hours cause i had panick attacks and medicines was given to me..
The Hospital told me that i had to repeat the test at the end of 3 months to be sure about it..So i had to wait for another 45 days to get tested..That was just so painfull..Waiting without knowing if i m ok or not and of course with a result possitive from a test claiming that is so accurate  how can u cope with that?

So to all the people out there that they think to get this test..just a friendly advise..
The pain from a false possitive result will make u go crazy..I can guarrantee that..
I dont care if they say that a test has a 5% false possitive rate and some people think that it worths the try cause then 95% its accurate..
It happened to me,so i m talkin from my point of view and from what i had experienced..
Its not worth it..

Trust the people here that they re telling u not to do it..

Thanks so much to all the people suport me with their knoledge about it..(they know who they re)
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Other tests that you will hear about are Viral Load tests. These tests are used by physicians to monitor their patients who have already tested positive for HIV antibodies. Viral Load tests are very costly and have never been approved by the FDA for HIV status diagnosis because of the possibility of false-positive and false-negative results. Therefore, they should not be used to determine if one is HIV-positive.

Note: A person who tests positive on a Viral Load cannot obtain a letter of HIV diagnosis based on those results. They must still test positive on an HIV antibody test in order to get the diagnosis. A letter of diagnosis is required to register with most AIDS Service Organizations and to qualify for many governmental assistance programs.

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Awaiting PCR DNA result myself .I chose it because of it's definitive negative ,and only after extensive other tests . But Suicidal07 is correct, a positive test even if true , will  only send you to other tests for confirmation, so it's positive is by no means final .  Sort of a better  look , but I've issues that complicate diagnosis that you two do not .
      It is the test Dr. Bob uses : " A DNA PCR test is used to determine if any HIV is present whatsoever. A person can have a very low RNA level but still have a positive DNA . That would indicate HIV is present but  not actively replicating very much . (The PCR RNA would be " undetectable' ). That is wht I would recommend a qualitative DNA PCR to sort out disputed or indeterminate serological tests ." Nov 23, 2007 )
   If you archive "DNA PCR " he mentions in other posts that a false DNA test should be suspected  with low numbers and the false positive result confirmed with  other tests .
   To virginhoe: Have you not had antibody tests ? Elisa or rapid ?
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i am having one tomorrow from a bunch of unprotected oral and frot exposures... i am terrified now, i had a night sweat last night and diarrhea. omg im so scared now.
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