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HIV DNA Test by PCR With HIV Antibodies by ICMA


I've had protected sex with a sex worker but I have this thinking that my contraceptive wasn't properly used because it slipped (although I didn't come back for penetration after it slipped). Another factor is that she gave me an oral which gave a doubt that the condom may have been poked. The next day I feel sick like having a flu and it lasted for 1 week. Now I'm just having dry mouth and very anxious about my status.

So I came came to a lab test after 9 days from the exposure for the mentioned type of test on the title (HIV DNA test by PCR) and got negative results. What are the chances that I just got a false negative? I'm thinking about coming back at 21 days (as mentioned recommended by physicians of the test providers although that it can detect as early as 6 days) or 28 days (more prudent timing). Any thoughts on my situation?
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You never had an exposure and had you had an exposure PCR-DNA tests are not diagnostic test for HIV.
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It was my first and last time of having sex other than my partner. So do you think I may still need to get tested for the other approved HIV test like that so called antibody test? I'm very anxious right now and it was affecting my life a lot. Is it still worth doing that HIV early detection test at day 21 or 28?
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You never had a risk therefore you don't require a test.
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Thank you guys.

Regardless of that, what are the chance that a false negative may come up on an HIV DNA PCR test on the 9th day after possible exposure?
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Very high,any HIV test that early is never going to give you an accurate result unless you test positive of course.
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Which has to be confirmed.
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So ultimately, I guess I have to wait and get retested. :(

Thanks for your responses.
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What do the words''you never had a risk'' mean to you?You don't need anymore testing.
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It's because the condom slipped during the intercourse (maybe because of improper usage?) and I'm worried that I may have not noticed that it may got a poked hole during the oral.
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Any other thoughts with regards to my test at 9 days and my possible exposure? :(
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Results for HIV-RNA came back negative post 28+ days possible exposure. Can I have peace of mind now?
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You never had an exposure.
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