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Hi there,

I am living in TURKEY and I need your helps about HIV DUO(p24+antihiv/Biomerieux brand machine) testing.

In Turkey most labs said that if we get tested after 14 days of exposure Biomerieux brand machine Hiv Duo test will give you a result. They said this machine is %98 percent accuracy after 14 days of exposure.

My question is;

What do you think about these accuracy rates that TURKISH labs say?

I got tested at 15th day and my lab said that they didnt even see a person who get tested after 14 days and turn poz. They said keep calm you will be negative. They said just get tested again at 28th day but JUST FOR REALLY LOW RATES that can turn pozitive and they said they dont expect something like this.

Please help me about this. On internet there are lots of informations???

**Should I stop worrying after my 15th day duo test (from vein)??
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This test is not intended to be used on day 15.  Test at 28 days, if you actually had a risk, to know your status.
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A 15 day negative with a duo is encouraging but certainly not conclusive as stated by CurfewX. The p24 antigen part of the test must have been accurate, the antibody part of the test wasn't since it being in window period. However, for a solid result you need to repeat this test at 28 days.

What was your exposure, please?
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My exposure was 30-45 seconds unprotected insertive anal sex because of condom broke :(
As stated before, you must test at 28 days with a duo.

Anal sex with male partners are considered to be a high risk activity. Therefore, you might have to test again at 6 weeks with a duo for a conclusive result. Although, a 4 weeks negative duo changing ahead is very unlikely.

Your risk was relatively lower than a full episode of unprotected anal sex, since you were only unprotected for a small time - the only time your condom failed.

Once again, a negative at 15 days was encouraging, it implies that p24 Ag which peaks during this time wasn't detected. Go ahead get the tests as stated above. We wish you good luck.
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