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HIV Duo Test (4th Gen) now test at 6 weeks

I have just read on UK medical sites that the HIV Duo Test (4th gen) is now deemed 95% accurate at 28 days and no longer 99.8%....

Why has there been a policy changed over the last 2 years? Being tested negative at 4 weeks no longer conclusive.
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I just read your posts in the STDs forum.  You were never at ANY risk for HIV, so testing concerns don't apply to you.
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understand but I may have a routine test as I have not had a test for years.
You do come across as anxious.  Over worry is a sign, you know? If you are doing 'routine' testing, then the idea of time is irrelevant. Right . . you say you aren't writing about your encounter that was not a risk for HIV but doing routine testing because you haven't in awhile. So, you will be outside the window of any doubt and your tests will be conclusive.
There is zero purpose in doing what you call a "routine test" since you had no risk, so you are actually doing placebo testing trying to placate your hiv fixation. You don't do routine testing for the other thousand disorders or diseases that a human can have actually like cancer. Consider therapy to help you deal with hiv fixation.
ive had a test today as i have not been tested in years. results next week
I really think you need to focus on your anxiety.  You haven't had a risk for HIV. ZERO risk.  So, all tests you take for no risk, whenever you take them, will be negative. There is no need to report back to us or to keep posting about this.  
There are thousands to diseases and conditions that you can actually get but there isn't enough time in the day to test for them, so it is silly to focus on hiv and do what you claim is a "routine test." You are really doing a placebo test, and it is a bit of a mental health disorder that is compelling you to do this so consider therapy instead.
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It is still statistically conclusive at 4 weeks for anyone who has NOT had an encounter with someone known to be HIV+.
The odds that your partner is HIV+ combined with the odds that you are in the 5% are colossally low.
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old UK guidelines - A negative result on a fourth generation test performed at 4 weeks post-exposure is highly likely to exclude HIV infection. A further test at 8 weeks post-exposure need only be considered following an event assessed as carrying a high risk of infection.
HIV duo test accurate at 4 weeks but conclusive at 6 weeks?
Yeah, even Dr. Hunter Handsfield has updated his opinion on 28th day 4th gen test.

4-6 weeks: Almost all (~98%) of people with new HIV infections have positive HIV antigen-antibody (AgAb, "duo", 4th generation) tests by 4 weeks, and a negative result at that time is very reassuring. But on rare occasions it takes up to 45 days (6 weeks). Although official guidelines from many agencies still suggest waiting 3 months, most experts agree that advice is outdatted and 6 weeks is conclusive.

~Dr. Hunter Handsfield.
Some private clinics in the UK are using HIV 5th Generation Tests with 45 days window period. The NHS use the 4th Generation Test still.

What is the difference between 4th and 5th Generation tests if both have the same window period of 45 days?
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