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I had intercourse with an HIV+ person and the condom got stuck inside me. I pulled it out and the semen came out on the bed. I tested 3 months later (June 2007) and the test came back negative. i haven't tested since and now I am scared and having anxiety attacks. I have been feeling lightheadness, tension, nausea, my body feels hot (no fever), ear hurts, left side tonsil hurts, have chills and I even notice my menstration only lasted 3 days last month. I have been tired, exhausated, my apettite has increased and I have headaches almost everyday. I am so stupid, I know you agree. What do you think my chances are of being positive? I sent for a take home hiv test. How trust worthy is that? the one that is like a pregnancy test.

Scared, depressed and stupid
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Zero. You had protected sex, even if the condom was lost during withdraw.
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But how can you say zero if the condom was inside of me when I got off. I had to fish for the condom and when I pulled it out the semen fell on the bed
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I am sure Teak is gonna tell you that you had a 12 week conclusive test result that came back NEGATIVE . Thats all that matters 12 week NEGATIVE .. You have nothing to worry about !!!
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I work at an agency that does HIV testing and I have heard scenarios where a person was told that they were positive when in fact they were negative and vice versa. This was an ORASURE test. And since I've heard that I have been stressing  and having all these symptoms. I have down pack all the symptoms of HIV .... early, late.. symptoms.

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I think you are trying to convince yourself you have HIV . I am not trying to be mean .You had a 12  week CONCLUSIVE test result . Which means you dont have it . A lot of us in here have been there its called STRESS/ANXIETY . Dont worry about it ...
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with the condom lost inside and me taking it out. Is there any chance the penis could've infected me while it came out?
Still stressing, worried and have been miserable.
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