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HIV Exposure Risk . Unique Scenario.

This is a weird thing which has happened . Went to visit an erotic massage place. I was naked with my face down and the girl was naked sitting on my butt. I could feel her vagina touching my anus while she was massaging my back. I am not sure if this is a risk or not. This happened only due to her sitting on me which in turn stretched my butt cheeks making my anus to be exposed . I am not sure if this is a risk at all. Any help would be appreciated. Do i need to get tested?
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I'm certain I remember your previous posts where you asked about something that wasn't a risk.  Those posts had members, maybe even me, tell you what were risks for HIV. I'll remind you one ore time.  The risks for HIV are UNPROTECTED vaginal or anal intercourse (with penetration) or sharing IV drug needles.  So, someone touching their genitals to you, front or back will NOT transmit the virus.  Air inactivates it.  This is NOT a risk in any way.  That is your reminder and I hope you internalize that so you don't have irrational fears that worry you.
Yes thank you for calming my anxiety. I was just worried for a fact as I could not find anything like this online. My mind tends to play games . Thank you for your response.
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