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HIV Exposure

Hello, 5 weeks ago I went to an Asian massage parlor. Things got out of hand, and the massage turned into naked genital rubbing. She was on top, and used scented hand lotion on herself for lube and had me put hand lotion on my penis for lube as well. She didn’t speak much English, but I knew she wasn’t going to allow penetration because she said “no babies.” She knew I was about to ejaculate so she got off of me and finished it with her hand. I’m not sure if it was the one she rubbed the lotion on her vagina with or not. I have had two gen 4 tests. One at 12 days which was negative, and one at 28 days which was also negative. Two days after the exposure, I went to the ER seeking PEP. The doctor told me that the exposure was so low risk he didn’t see the need for it. I asked my personal doctor after the 28th day test if I needed to test again and she said “to be the most conservative, the recommendation is to test again at 45 days. But with such a low risk exposure, and two negative tests, it is reasonable to call this a conclusive negative.” I guess my question for you guys is, how low of a risk was this venture I put myself into? Should I test again at 45 days? I obviously don’t know the woman’s HIV status, or other stds for that matter. I tried calling the place but like I said, they hardly speak English. They had no idea what I was talking about when I brought up HIV. Thanks in advance.
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No risk.  When it comes to sexual activity, no penetration by a penis into a vagina = no risk.

Your tests weren't necessary, but it's nice if they eased your mind.  You don't have HIV.
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Thank you for your response. I appreciate it! Just one more question to ease my mind, after I wiped off the lotion with a towel from my genitals I saw there was a bottle of hand sanitizer on the table. The lady left the room to clean herself, so I freaked out and wiped my genital area with hand sanitizer. It’s funny how there’s no worries until the deed is done. This wouldn’t change anything would it?
No.  You can't get HIV from hand sanitizer, or a towel.  Unprotected penetration and sharing of intravenous needles are risks for HIV.  You can safely disregard any other event.
Alrighty, thank you ma’am. I do appreciate your responses, you’re doing a great service.
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