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Dear M.D.

I had a body to body massage and a handjob in Thailand. I thought everything went save... the girl kept on her undie and i didnt touched her..After 2 days i got an itch in my penis....i ignored it first since i thought i didnt have unsafe sex...but after 2 weeks it was getting worse..so i did some tests...seems i got Gonorrhea and got treated with an injection...also got anitbiotics for chlamidia..after the third week i got an PCR test for gonorrhea and chlamidia both came out negative..

I did these the following HIV tests :

1st week 3th gen ELISA combo ag/ab negative
3th week 4th gen ELISA combo ag/ab test  negative
3th week PCR HIV test negative
4th week 4th gen ELISA combo ag/ab test negative
8th week HIV ANTIGEN test negative
8th week HIV ANTIBODY test negative

the doc said i am fine and need to move on with my life...But i have some rash on my neck and chest and my neck is stiff and the glands sometimes are painfull... this is going on for about 5 weeks now..needles to say my anxiety level is going through the roof ..i even went for another PCR test for gonorrhea,chlamidia and i did a VDRL test...

am i okay? its freakin me out so much and i dont want to test anymore since i cant handle the pressure very well.

Also i get contradicted answers from several doctors...most say i can get gonorrhea through a handjob but one said its impossible...but still i got it...

Help me

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Don't believe you got gonorrhea from being masterbated. The Dr's on this site if you pay to post to them would agree.

You never had a risk for HIV.
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Welll i couldnt believe it either..but a gram stain confirmed presence of the bacteria. most doctors here say it can be transmitted by dirty hands...and believe me i didnt had oral or sexual intercourse with her..

so HIV is out of the question? what about the test ?
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Hey, take it easy relax.  Your HIV test from 8 weeks out posing a negative result is CONCLUSIVE.  In that respect, hand genital contact poses no risk for HIV exposure so thats out of the question so that is a double-reassurance for that.  As far as having gonorrhea it must have been from another exposure not this one I don't think it can be from a handjob but i am not sure as far as that particular STD.  THE POINT IS, that since you had gonorrhea you have treated it and that is most important.  But for reassurance again because I know how scared you are YOU DON'T HAVE HIV.  Your symptoms of swollen glands and stuff are most likely related to the fact that you are very scared and anxiety can do that.  Move on my friend you are just fine! :)
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You never had a risk and had you had a risk your 8 week test would not be conclusive.
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