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During an encounter with another man - just masturbation and deep kissing - at one moment he had a good amount of precum coming out of his penis. As soon as it came out he then cleaned the precum with his finger and licked it in his mouth. Afterwards we deep kissed. My question is: is that scenario of a deep kissing after him licking his finger with his own precum a possible risk situation?

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No risk. The virus becomes inactive outside the body and is destroyed by saliva as well.
Thanks for replying. Just to clarify, since I have been worrying about it, the precum exposed to air became inactive. Then from his fingers to his mouth too correct? I guess it could be seen as 2 indirect contacts before kissing?
No need to worry. No one gets infected through kissing. You get HIV through unprotected sex and sharing needles. You did nothing of the sort. There are thousands of magnetic couples out there (one positive and one negative) who kiss everyday and most even have unprotected oral sex without becoming infected.
Thanks again, well yes I know about kissing...the thing is that I had deep kissing with pre-cum present in the other's person mouth, that's where the worry came from.
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