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HIV Infection, Blood. Need help.

Hi there, I've got HIV infection problem again to ask for help.

I'm in Thailand, and I go to market to buy meat. A merchant chops the pork. I buy pork to cook. I pay him and he gives me change(coins) Then I walk to the other shop within 1 minutes. I buy others and when I pay, I pick a coin(WHICH I GET FROM THE MERCHANT OF PORK SHOP); I feel something watery on the tip of my forefinger, so I look at a coin. I see a red drop on it. I'm shocked and wipe it on my shirt. It's a red liquid. I think it may be BLOOD of the merchant of pork shop. He may get cut when he chops pork quickly. I'm serious and find something to wash my forefinger. So I find drinking water to clean my finger within 5 minutes. I'm not sure if he's hiv positive, but my friend tells me I can be infected because blood contact.  With the information on the internet, I'm so confused. Today I come here to ask you these questions for help.

The questions are that
1.My finger touches the blood on coin, and there's a cut(stop bleeding), crack skin, and scrape; can I be infected from hiv blood?
2.a drop of blood, two, or three drop of blood are enough for being infectious hiv?
3. five minutes to find water to wash my finger, is it too late to wash? Does hiv penetrate through my broken skin to infect? I'm very serious.
4.I've read that HIV can't be infectious outside its host, so why people state it can be infectious via blood and wound? In my case is it a high risk?
5.Testing and nPep needed? I know I should take before 72hrs, and it's still in time to take. I have no sex with others and never use drug injection.

Please help. Thanks.
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Hiv is hard virus to pass on ..... u had no risk ..... and inform your friend to that its
Exits the person be positive
Survive the virus must survive ... as its common understand the virus very short life outside human body  
Sufficient  there should suffiicent amount of virus present in fluid like blood etc
Exchange of fluid or blood must happened to infected ...

SO little amount on blood on coin is not going to infected you ...
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No risk whatsoever. The time the blood on the coin (outside the body) would have killed the virus and just by touching blood is not a risk in itself.

You are absolutely fine so don't worry. I'm not going to answer the other questions as you can work it out yourself :-)
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