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HIV Infection? Lymph Nodes Hurt.

Hey guys,
I live in Dubai, and had an encounter with a CSW (very dumb) where I know I had Oral Sex, I remember it (unprotected) but don't remember having sex (I am pretty sure I didn't, but I was very intoxicated). When I woke up the next morning there was a unused condom next to the bed opened, which leads me to believe I didn't have sex, else wise she would have used it I guess.

Anyways its been one week and the tip of my penis is constantly burning. It burns when I pee and when I do not pee. I have pain in my right under arm pit, but I cannot feel swollen lymph nodes, it hurts when I move my arms up. Also I have pain in my groin area and my nodes there feel normal, it just feels like I got hit in the testicles. Am I at great risk of any STD's? Any particular STD I could have contracted? Could I have contracted HIV? When do symptoms manifest?

1) Unprotected Oral with CSW
2) Symptoms appearing after 7 days.
2) Don't think I had penetrative sex (I remember the oral part, don't remember or think there was sex involved)
3) Burning/tingling sensation on tip penis constantly, also when peeing. Not sharp pain, but I feel it.
4) Pain in left and right groin area
5) Pain in the border line of my right chest muscle and under arm pit, only when I move up and down. Pain also under the left arm. I feel my lymph nodes, I can see they are there.
6) She did bring condoms which leads me to believe she must have been aware of STD risk worried about her safety too.
7) Found an unused condom the next day on right bed side table.

Any answers would help. I know I am dumb. Don't need to hear it. Many Thanks
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Hi. If you only had oral sex then you have no risk of HIV transmission. However if you think there is a risk of you having had unprotected sex then you should get tested.

Disregard any symptoms you may be experiencing. HIV cannot be diagnosed by symptoms and there are many potential causes for these types of symptoms. The only thing that can conclusively confirm you dont have HIV is a test 3 months after exposure.
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clarification:line two should read unprotected penatrative sex.
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Thank you. But when do symptoms of early HIV infection usually appear in most cases?
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between 2-4 weeks. However I cant stress this enough-disregard any symptoms you are having, they mean nothing.  From your perspective the only thing that matters is whether you are 100% confident you did not have penetrative sex. If you didnt you are 100% safe from contracting HIV. If you did you need to test.
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I will get tested, but I have to wait till the end of Dec as I cannot leave Dubai till then. That being said "If I did have unprotected sex", if i did... My odds of catching HIV are pretty strong and high aren't they?
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they are 1 in 2000 if the CSW had HIV.
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1. Stop with the multiple post
2. If you were so drunk not to remember if you used a condom then you were to drunk to maintain an erection.
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thanks guys. not trying to be annoying but i do appreciate your answers.
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Hey guys,
will get tested in 10 days when I am back in the U.S. I know you guys said disregard any symptoms but now I am having a rash, occurring on my torso, shoulders and back. They are pinkish, reddish, does not itch, and seam to be increasing in numbers every day. Is it possible to get symptoms of HIV after a this time since exposure? 4 weeks and 5 days. Thanks. I have had no fever, and my lymph nodes are not swollen.
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Symptoms if they do happen come at 2-4 weeks and you don't get just a rash.
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As Teak said, if i remembered whether i had sex or not, i would'nt bother all of you guys but I don't, I mean I don't think I did. I just hope if I did it was extremely brief. with minimal chance of bodily fluid exchange. When I woke up in the morning there was an unused condom next to the bed, and my reasoning is, if the CSW brought it, she would have used it to protect herself as well because why would she have brought one. Oh...
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Hey guys.... I think I have swollen lymph nodes. I posted a few pics on my profile. Its pictures of my neck. Any opinions?
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