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I Had Protected sex with Prostitute. Two week later i got little fever and it continued till one week. i took normal parecetamol tablet and fever has gone. after two week again fever came. i went to doctor and tested my blood. it found that i got thypoid fever. doctor gave me antibiotic tablates. now fever has gone. in the time of fever i did not had any headach, luymphnude, rash and all. after tretment doctor took again blood test and the typoid found negative. but now i got gastric probleme. same time i develop cough and cold. please help me is it the symptem of HIV. Do i got HIV. Please help me.
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you had no risk for contracting hiv.   any "symptoms" you are experiencing are not hiv related.
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hi, i had protected sex with prostitute. but i dont know weather condom were broken or not. after two week i got fever and it continued till one week. i took normal paracetamol tablet for one day and fever has cured. after one week i got again fever and i consulted to doctor. he took malaria test and wedol test. in wedol test antigen O and Antigen H is found and doctor diclared that it is thypoid fever. and gave medicines for that. i continued Medicine. some time i was getting cough and cold. i did not realised any lhymp nude. after one week i went to hospital and tested againe and found negetive result in wedol test and doctor gave some other antibiotic medicines. and i continued later i found small red spot in my hand. and total number was around 4 to 5. at evening time i got short of breath and heart beat.  again i went to doctor and told that. he told that red spot due to medication and shortness of breath from gastric probleme due to medication and gave tablets for gastric and i cured from fever and all. i took rest. no medication is over and i got some cold and cough problems, very trusty and gastric porblem. but doctor told due to medication it happens and later it may get cure. can any one help me is it the symptems of  HIV. do i need to get tested?. but i did nor realised any headach, joint pain, body pain, rash etc. please help me to come out from this tention.no i am sufering cold and cough. and some red dots in my penis and entaire inner skin got reddish so i am suffering from penis infection now.i am getting some stuff feeling in my neck. today i got some pain in tje inside the mouth. pleae help me. is it symptems of the hiv. can hiv diognised as thypod fever when get test for fever test. please help me. am i safe?
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if you are feeling that your symptoms are some what related to hiv then get tested but in all rationality you do not need testing but i am sure you test will come out negative and if it is 3months after then you can move on with a negative test
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can you tell me what are all the early symptems of HIV.
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Neither of you have HIV concerns.
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What you mean can you explaine me
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Just what it says, you didn't have an exposure.
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