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HIV Injection.

Recently, my friend was robbed by a stranger who threatened to inject him with HIV virus/blood if he didn't hand-over his money.  Is it possible for HIV to transmit that way?  I guess it's a "needle sharing situation", right?  I am not too sure about this.

As a result, I am a little paranoid about this and fear it might happen to me.  I take the public transit everyday and I am in fear of these weirdos.

Thanks for reading my question.
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Hmmmmm......very familiar writing style and familiar situation.

You know it's against the rules to create a second nickname?
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Wrong person??
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No, I doubt it.  That's okay, there are ways of finding out.

For your information, this kind of situation is NOT the same as "needle sharing".  Drug abusers who share needles inject the drug (and blood from the last user) directly into their veins, which is why it is a risk.

You're talking about a situation where someone would get a superficial poke with a needle tip...that would NOT be a risk as the virus would not remain active on the surface area of the needle.

I'd suggest (to you again) getting some professional help for your HIV phobias.
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