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HIV Negative but even more restless


I will dive straight into my question and try to keep it short.
I had an exposure 6 weeks ago now with a bar girl in Asia.
Her HIV status was unknown and we had unprotected vaginal sex.

Got tested on the 38th day Mark with the following:
Rapid antibody test (even though the window is 3 months I wanted to start with this test just to at least give me the slightest peace of mind. RESULT: negative

Combo p24/antibody test. RESULT: negative

Even with these good results with the combo in the correct window I'm feeling even more worried now.

I had a slight rash that could hardly be seen on top of my back (can't remember if was before or after exposure).
But now it has become more visible. (Individual random red spots around top of back. Generating heat and have not joined into one big rash. They resemble heat rash what I've had before and I live in tropical climate. Maybe I'm clinging onto this fact and hoping).

Had Diarrhoea for 10 days. This happened 2/3 weeks after taking antibiotics which Dr said was the cause but still, it would fall into the time frame with the exposure and possible rash.

Then, after being weekend by the diarrhoea i caught a cold with sore throat and stuffy nose. I work around a lot of people and I'm quite prone to getting colds but all these things seem to coincidental, hence why I'm feeling even worse now.

I've had no serious fever or problems with lymphnodes but I'm feeling really down and can't stop worrying. It's effecting me and perhaps making me more sick.

I'm not scared to stand up to my stupid mistake and continue with my life, but I'm due to get married soon and if I'm HIV positive I will be deported and everything will be a huge mess. I have had no sexual contact since and I guess I deserve this for my mistake. I will retest at 2 and 3 then 6 months but the wait will haunt me.

I have read through many other questions like mine but I guess I'm just looking for some helpful words or perhaps reassurance. Many really helpful advice on here and I appreciate the time anyone takes to answer.

My question; is there a chance my p24 levels were too low to detect and also not enough antibodies made to detect at Day 38/39 of exposure.

If I was secoconverting wouldn't that mean antibodies were already in my system?

I'm in a real mess here psychologically, any words will be helpful.
Thank you.
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Apologies if this is in the wrong category
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Please can someone  give me some feedback, should I still be so worried?
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Hello, 4th generation DUO tests are conclusive after 28 days and hence your test is conclusive. The symptoms are due to anxiety but not due to HIV. BUT never ever have an intercourse without a condom. Its just a thin film of protection, in fact, so thin, like another layer of a skin, why not use it if its going to protect you from any diseases. You are safe this time but going forward stick to condoms.
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Thank you for your reply. This has taught me many lessons and your words are quite right.
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You are welcome.
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Not possible! I don't want to go into extreme detail but I've read about this, the p24 protein is very high during the start of the infection. There is a direct relationship between the p24 and antibodies, when the p24 is low, the antibodies are already present. You can read about it. Anyways, no need to worry now, you are negative! Hiv tests are always accurate after the window period, window period for combo test is 28 days. Move on. And good luck with your marriage.
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Thank you for your comment, has helped ease my mind more and low and behold, rash is going too.

Keep up the good work helping people and their worries.
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If duo teats are conclusive at 4 weeks then why window period is for 3 months ?
Why lot of individuals like me had to go through lot of anxieties till 3 months or may be 6 months ??

Please quoteee
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Window period of 3rd gen tests are 3 months 4th gen tests are conclusive at 28 days ,read the blogs mate
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You mean to say , if we tested with 4th gen DUO test and no way to do again retest at 3 months or 6 months right?
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yes thats what the major organizations say
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we dont have any common standards for testing , in hospital some says 3 months some of them says 6 months . We dont have clear idea.
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hospitals are mostly conservative additionally you never had the risk to begin with sunny.
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Can some one say , here 4 th generation DUO is not available , we have 4th generation j.mitra , 4th generation QUALISA.

Any 4 th generation test is conclusive after 28 days right?
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Even sunny had risk or not ....
All i need to know is p24 ag and ab tests are conclusive at 28 days ?!
Are tests at india at par with cdc norms ???
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3rd gen includes antibodies only and the diff in 3rd gen and 4th gen is p24 antigen.... So u mean to say this p24 antigen lowers the window period by 2 monthsss ???
Can u share the logic ???
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None of the tests manufacturers say that there tests are conclusive before 3 months..,,, i have never heard it... Whats the insight... I really want to know.... I am also sailing in the same boat with sunny and many others...
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P24 antigen appears around 10 days after infection. it is a core viral protein that appears due to rapid multiplication of the virus. if you have the virus the protein must be present. but if you are all driven by anxiety you do not care whatever i say. i am in the same boat as i had unsafe vaginal with a sex worker. if it had been protected i would have been having fun somewhere else.
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I still have sinusitis and tonsilitis and i nve had in my life earlier and i have done testing at 90 days duo test which is non reactive.... So what do u think anxietyallagain57
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we agree , see the problem is not anxiety or real HIV infection. if we have some early test people will be go for treatment early or go for peace of mind, here everyone is suffering from anxiety . I believe everyone says NO RISK for me , still mind is thinking the same not able to concentrate . If we have some conclusive test people will test and get back their life.

If HIV can detect at 28 days by using DUO , seriously we don't require 3 months antibodies test , still hospitals are suggesting 3 months or 6 months test.

Problem here is everyone say conclusive to DUO but not 100% :(
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Respect to all experts here and volunteers

Can teak, lizz, Dr hhh, nursegirl etc give some insight on this...

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Vance , Please provide your suggestion , Thanks in advance.
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Even i have sinusitis now , its paining badly , i think because of anxiety , our body get chills inside. left rear neck down to ear paining :(. i started believing that because of anxiety.
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I agree , now i don't have that fear , i know how many of them suffering with anxiety . see everyone is not well experienced , they did mistake , they are fearing , even i scared like anything , now i am ok , i am just helping others , if they are fearing they can do 28 days combo test and get relieved from anxiety .
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