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HIV Negative

Happened back in 2012 Dec.
I'm uncircumcised.
I had sex with a sex worker in Singapore but she is from china.
We had penile vaginal intercourse for about less than 2minute.
She was on top of me. Before that we were in 69 position. She gave me a blowjob and i gave her cunnilingus.
I have always wanted to get tested but i'm ashamed to do so. So i found out about HIV Test Kits,
Just this year March. The one i bought was from a website called 1mintest.The testkit is called EZ-Trust. Its an approved test kit listing in USAID. The result i received was negative.

I read online that cunnilingus carries very low risk and using a condom could greatly reduce the chance of contracting HIV. Although the result was negative, i am still worried as the result could be a false result.

I was told that i used a condom, thus no risk. But these few days im having a few symptoms that are worrying the hell of out me.

I have a few random bruise appearing on my tummy and my knee. And im having a bad cough and flu. I cant cough out my phlegm. I read online that these are symptoms of HIV. The sex happened back in 2012 tho.

*I have been on diet, trying to lose weight and i lost about 14kilos now. Does that explain why i have bruises? (lack of nutrition??)

*I started smoking 1week ago(1 pack) and i stopped. Does that explain my flu and cough that cant seem to cough out my phlegm?(I read online, its actually called the "Quitter's Flu"

I know my questions seem to be out of topic. But i would like to know does these symptoms really relate to HIV?
I do know that my risk is low. Oral sex = nearly zero risk (even with bleeding lips?) and i used a condom. But im afraid my condom had broke.
The test result i gotten from the test kit was negative. Could i take that result as my conclusive result?

Would appreciate it alot if my questions can be clarified clearly instead of one word answers.
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Oral sex and condom usage is no risk for contracting hiv
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Am I at risk for other stds?
Nothing has been wrong with me since after that. Does that mean im not infected with other stds and im fine?
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