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I was able to get my OB-GYN to do a viral load test after I had two HIV antibody tests done. I am happy to say that every test I have had done has came back negative. I still do not know what is wrong with me, but I guess I do not have HIV/AIDS. I am sorry for all of my questions and anxiety. Thank you to everyone that has answered any of my questions that I have posted on here.
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God bless you! I'm so happy for you!  As someone who believes is HIV+, I'm still trying to do the testing. I'm so scared. Congratulations on your decision and knowing you've been so strong to do it - encourages me to do the same in the next days/weeks.

Now calm down, take a deep breath and keep living your life to the fullest. Enjoy every single minute!
worried angel You said you are a hypochondriac so taking a test won't have any effect on that problem. See a mental health therapist to try to deal with that problem, and try to end this agony, instead of wasting your life trying to get enough courage to take a useless test - testing won't help you.
But why useless?  Bleeding gums  + symptoms after 1 month... I mean...
I answered that on your own thread.
Can I ask you a question, AnxiousNoMore? I am just kind of curious about something, and I hope that you know the answer to my question.
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