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HIV Negative?

I was friends with a guy I met online for 2 years before he came to Milwaukee to visit me. We talked about a lot and I thought he was being completely honest with me. Before he came to see me, I told him I wasn't having sex with him unless he got tested and showed me the results.  He came to see me, forgot the results back at his home(in New York), but we had sex(protected and he NEVER ejaculated).  He returned to New York and he did indeed mail me the results(IT WAS NEGATIVE!)  I found out that he slept with a transsexual(this was before he came to see me and before he got tested for HIV and he said he used a condom) and also that he was still legally married.  I forgave him because I feel people make mistakes and I trusted him because he didn't have to get tested.  Anyway, I went to New York to visit him for my birthday weekend May 8-10.  At that time we did have unprotected sex because I felt we got everything out in the open and we were in a monogymous relationship(even though long distance).  Three weeks after I came back home to Milwaukee, our relationship abruptly ended(the wife came back).  I feel betrayed by him because I thought our relationship was strong, now I'm unsure of his status because of the lies before.  My question is, how long do I REALLY have to wait to get tested?  Like I mentioned, I honestly don't believe he was sleeping with his wife and he did test negative.  This is driving me bananas! I'm sorry if this was confusing, but I'm so scared and hurt and alone.  Any help and/or comfort is greatly appreciated.
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Oh and I forgot to mention the day after we broke up he text me askin' me what are the symptoms of the flu.  Immediately my mind went to HIV, and this is why I'm so paranoid now.  I understand that the H1N1 virus is going around and his son had a virus the week prior.  I guess my question is, should I assume he has HIV?
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No, what you do is test at the proper time. 3 months post exposure will give you a conclusive test result.
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Thank you for you help and understanding.  Three months is agonizing for me, but I know this will put my mind at ease for good.  I just want to find SOME comfort in knowing that my chances, while not 'no', are 'low'.  He ejaculated in me twice...well it is really pointless for me to fret.  *sighs*
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