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I work oversees and i recently went back hone on vacation. I had sex with 3 women. one of them was a random girl which i used protection and one of them a friend of mine which i inserted for like 10 econds without a condom..then strapped on. the first one i used a condom. When i came back to work..a week later(august 18th)  my urethra was itchy, with a slight tingly feeling..no pus,no blood on my urine..i drank lots of water and it dissappeared, my testicles were kind of swollen..i think??..later on i notices that i had a tonsile stone..i got rid of that too using mouthwash and an ear bud..after that i started getting worried as i have also been taking body building suppliments..i saw a rash on my chest..next to my newly aquired tattoo..i have read about HIV symptoms and they are now getting into my head..whichever little thing i see on my body i go crazy..i saw the medic..but i havent had a blood test as if it comes positive i will loose my job...i am super worried as i am now loosing sleep,heart burns, having lack of apetite, hence i will lose weight..i am going nuts here...please HELP..oh before i forget it now 2 months!!
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Test now for HIV to get a good indacator and again in a month at the 3 month mark and that result will be conclusive. Your symptoms mean nothing and are likely to be from anxiety.
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10 SECONDS of unprotected sex is unlikely to result in infection...but the ONLY way to know your status is by testing.

just a thought here...

"but i havent had a blood test as if it comes positive i will loose my job"

so had you rather go undetected and loose your life earlier than you would if you had known and been on meds?  job vs. life...doesnt seem like a difficult decision to me ! ! !
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Hi i took the test for HIV 1 & 2 and they both came out negative..i was just being anxious over nothing, but none the less thank you guys fortaking the time to answer my distress call..nicknone7..i should buy you a drink..lol and lizzie lou..dinner is on me :-)

Thank you and God Bless...am working in afghanistan!!
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I have been getting random symptoms like tiny white spot on my tonsils..i looked at the back of my throat i also notice tiny red bumps..is that normal as i have never looked that far in my mouth..i brush my toungue everyday. at the left side of my tonsile i also noticed a white lump..any way moving on..i have been experiencing random pinch like pain at random points on my body..left armpit,left foot, random hot flashes on my right hand..and a small lump on my vein underneith my penis..just where my ball sack begins..it disappeared and now i have a bean like thing just under my jaw next to my right ear..its painless and cant really notice it..unless i stretch my skin..i work in afghanistan at a military base, my left eye twiched for like 2 days then stopped....my sternum was aching but i realised that i have been working out too hard as i have increased my weight lifting ratio..also noticed that i have been feeling kind of wierd at my back..at the kidney regions...my urine kind of stink in the morning..i drink plenty of water in the during the day but i also take bodybuilding suppliments b4 i sleep after work out..i stopped taking the suppliments but still noticed my pee stinks!! was tested 2 months after sexual intercourse and the result came negative for HIV1 & 2 and hepatitis C..could this be anxiety...i have been perfectly healthy before..am 26 years old..no kids. i work every single day no off days for a minimum of 12 hours..could this be the reason. i also have been obsessing about my exgirlfriend/finances and being succeful in life..i  have been constantly thinking about my ex girl..she has moved on & obviously i havnt..right now every small thing/feeling i notice on my body i over react..deep down i know am ok..but i just cant shake off that feeling
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