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HIV Or not? Please help

Hello. I'm so scared and don't have a chance to speak to anyone. I hope you'll help me.

On 7th of August I had a sex with a transvestite sex worker. We had unprotected oral both ways and protective anal where I was receiving. It happened after I had a fight with my girlfriend and I'm so ashamed of it. It was one of the biggest mistakes I've ever done.
Almost after couple of days I forgot about this incident and continued having unprotected sex with my partner as we continued with our lives.

In a bout 11 days my girlfriend fell sick with cold/flu like symptoms. I got sick on 13-14 day. We had sore throat, runny nose, and caught.
I thought it will go away but it got even worse over time. Over last week a had night sweats every night,  having chills, sore throat, swollen throat lymphs, fatigue. My girlfriend has severe dry caught. We both taking amoxicillin.

I'm so scared that I might have HIV infection and that I've passed it on my loving girlfriend.
I've done HIV test last week and awaiting results on this Friday. But I'm so scared and anxious...
When giving my samples at the clinic they gave me Azithromycin and said that they might have found something but I don't remember the details.

I've managed to contact the sex worker that I had sex with and she said that she's 100% clean and have sent me a screenshot of the message that she received from sexual clinic last week that all the results are negative.

Doctor what are my chances ? I'm scared cause I still feel sick for 3rd week now same as my gf.

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You had no HIV risk from oral or protected anal.
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It's so hard to believe on positive when all the symptoms trying to prove opposite.
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That is why we never speak of symptoms because they never have anything to do with HIV. People are misinformed about symptoms and HIV.
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All results came negative!
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I can't believe that even now I'm concern about my health and a chance being infected.

Already for a week and maybe even longer I've been having hot flashes with rash on the skin and diarrhoea.  My GP prescribed me antihistamine.

Again I'm getting paranoid and scared cause I found out about the 3 months window period and that results can come false negative.

Should I wait and do another test after 3 month window period or not?
However the doctor didn't tell me anything about it.
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Your symptoms are irrelevant, you also cannot catch HIV from what you have described.

Your symptoms and those of your gf are categorically nothing to do with HIV.

Best Wishes

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Thanks for your answer James.

I think only one thing will calm me down is another test in 3 month time.
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I've done a rapid test on 10th of October. I'm glad it came negative.
But still depressed because I still feel sick and week.
Some of my lymph glands are sore, had pain in a groin area and have lost 4kg for last 2 month.

Finally booked an appointment with my GP for blood tests.

Still have this idea of HIV in my head. It's been 64 days so far. Will wait until 90 days and make one more test.

Will rapid test be fine or for the peace of mind shall I make a full one?
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You NEVER had an HIV risk and NEVER needed testing.  If you choose to continue testing, that's your decision.

Any test at 3 months would be fine to rule out HIV for someone who has had a risk (which again, you did not).

If you cannot put this behind you, consider seeking professional help.
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Exactly what nursegirl said. Relax - that will make everything worse. If you look for a problem you will find it!
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Tomorrow is important day  for me. I'm going to do my final (91 day) rapid test. It's been worse 3 months of my life as the thought I might be infected with hiv was in my head every day and every hour.
I really hope it's the GUILT that is playing games with my mind. Guilt for what I've done, that I've cheated a person who I really love and might pass the infection  on it to her.
The reason why I'm scared and still posting on this forum is that I still feel sick ( diarrhea, swallow gland lymph & pain in groin area) and after 3 month of possible infection.

I made viral load test on 21 day ( and  2 more I guess) all came negative. Doctor said to forget about it carry on with my life. I did but then I found about  90 days, 12 weeks gap. I got  panic. I've done first rapid on 8th week - negative.
I hope that everything's gonna be fine.
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Rapid test came negative on 90 days! It's time to forget about it!
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Again, to repeat myself.....

You NEVER had an HIV risk and NEVER needed testing.  If you choose to continue testing, that's your decision.

Any test at 3 months would be fine to rule out HIV for someone who has had a risk (which again, you did not).

If you cannot put this behind you, consider seeking professional help.
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