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HIV-Oral-High Risk CSW

Greetings friends,

A few days ago I had an interaction with a high risk CSW. I consider her a high risk CSW because she is the kind of person that will do anything for extra $20, and by anything I mean unprotected oral, vaginal, and even anal sex. Also she claims to be clean, and she claims that she was tested on the 16th, but then she changed the date to the 9th, but can never produce the results, which lead me to believe that she was never tested. As the title of my post suggests I only had unprotected oral sex with her. I came in her mouth, and then she tried to blow me again, but I was so panicked that I could not get an erection again. I went to the urgent care, and they refused to give me PrEP. They tested me for Chlamydia and Gonoreah (urine test), both negative. I have however developed a nagging neck pain (burning sensation in both sides) plus I feel like my lymph nodes are a little inflamed. No other major symptoms. I had minor sore throat but now it's gone, so it's the stomach pain.

The questions I have are:

1) is it possible that this girl had been recently infected with HIV and then passed the virus to me orally due to the high viral load? (I read that recently acquired HIV patients have a high viral load)

2) Could I been developing early symptoms? This neck pain is really scaring me.

Thanks friends
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You do not need to be 'worried sick'. Oral sex poses no true risk for HIV transmission. The only way people get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Air inactivates the virus as does saliva.  So, you are fine and never were at risk.  No reputable doctor would give you PEP for that and Prep is what you take prophylactically to prevent HIV.  The place you went was totally correct in not giving you that medication for a non existent risk.  That medication is very hard to tolerate and you'd be miserable right now if you took it for no reason.

Your neck pain is probably due to muscle tension from your stress.  Try to relax.  You do not have HIV.  
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