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HIV Oral Transmission? sick with anxiety

I am a female and came in contact with a heterosexual male 2 days ago, i know for a fact this guy is extremely promiscuous. I dont know what I was thinking going out with him. I was giving him a hand job then stopped, then he continued to touch himself and got pre-cum all on his hands. It was on his hand for about one minute. Playing around he told me to lick it, and I did. I had only just one small lick of pre-cum and i am literally so sick with worry since while i didnt have any cuts or sores in my mouth, my gums had got pretty bloody earlier ear when i brushed them a bit hard. The bleeding on my gums went away a few min after i brushed. I had brushed them about 6 hours before my physical encounter with this  man. Would my gums have been okay by then ? I am freaking out that the one lick of pre-cum could have infected me this way
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It is not possible to get infected in the manner you described in your post.
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