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HIV PANIC ! low risk but so many symptoms


I am a young gay male who was a virgin up until this month. I've had 2 specific encounters that I wouldn't be sure to call sex.

The first was protected anal that lasted 2 minutes or less. The guy I was experimenting with used a condom but I found it to be too painful so I made him stop. That lasted a few minutes at most. He didn't ejaculate at all.

The second was just kissing and oral sex.

I performed oral sex for a short period of time and there was no precum and he did not ejaculate.

The guy than after performed oral on me.

The thing that worried me afterwards was the fact that I remember his lips being very red and chapped.

I later read on the internet that I could have gotten HIV from him if his lip had blood and it got onto the mucuous membranes of my penis.

I checked my penis thoroughly after the situation and didnt see no visable cuts but I have foreskin that was a little dry and cracked, that could be an entry route I think?


So a week later (this week)  I've come down with a horrible soar throat where I lost my voice, congestion, sneezing, headache constant cough and more. I went to my doctor and he told me there was a bug in my city going around and perscribed me a drug to cure bacteria in the throat. The next day after taking the medication I felt WORSE. I woke up feeling EXTREMLY fatigued, having a fever of 38.7 degreese celcius, the chills, a headache, and diarhea!

I called my doctor and asked why this was happening, he said he didn't think it was the medication because I had taken the same meds a year before and never had no reaction to it.

I than told him about my HIV worries. He dismissed them and keeps telling me this is the flu thats going around.

I still have a cough and a soar throat but what's wierd is the fever and chills and everything else went away after just one day.

So my question is....if I was seroconverting, would the fever go away in one day like mine did or would it last longer?

And do you think I caught HIV from these exposures? PLEASE HELP

I cant sleep at night and I think I'm dieing.
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you had no risk from what you have described.

listen to your dr !
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but i still feel sick, with a headache and soar throat and pain in my joints and testicle area. it says thats HIV on the internet.
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You never had an exposure in any of the situations you've provided.
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