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Hello everyone. I’ve posted before but for a different subject. So recently I was exposed to hiv from recieving a blow job from this person. I did have protected anal with me being the top. I checked the condom after to make sure it wasn’t  broken. The person didn’t tell me until after that they were positive. I received PEP 38 hours later. I will test after my regimen is over. Is PEP effective at stopping HIV from replicating in the body.
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The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected (no condom) penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR
2) Sharing IV drug equipment with other IV drug users.

You were never at risk for HIV.  Getting a blowjob isn't a risk and neither is protected intercourse.  The PEP was not necessary, and you will not get HIV from this event.
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Even if the person was positive and was not taking any medication?
I read your entire post the first time.  This is why people are advised to wear condoms for intercourse.  Condoms that do not VISIBLY fail protect you from HIV.
One other question. Before I threw the condom away I check it but it was no visible signs of tear. I just so happen to fill it up with water and I seen a micro tear  in it above  the resivoir tip. It dripped out slightly. How could this be. I thought condoms ruptured completely during sex
Yes, in order for HIV to transmit effectively, the condom would need to tear wide open and expose the head of your penis completely.  There is no need to fill condoms with water after intercourse.  HIV is not transmitted via "microtears" in condoms.  It is time to move on from this event and accept that you had no risk for HIV.

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