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HIV Phobia

Hi everyone,

I am very scared at the moment because of my recent encounters.

First thing, I am a straight male. Recently, I had travelled to Thailand and booked a massage with 2 female sex workers in a massage venue, which has been established for a while.

There was no sexual intercourse. I received oral sex from one sex worker with condom - it was dark in the room so I couldn't see 100%. But I specifically requested for condom protected oral sex and based on what I felt, I think the sex worker did use a condom. I also touched the other sex worker's vaginal and sucked her nipples. She also sucked mine. There shouldn't be any cuts in my hand at the moment. And after the session, I cleaned myself thoroughly. But I am not sure whether I touched my genital with the sex worker's vaginal fluid.

I flew back to my home country the next day and I had PEP right away (within 24 hr of exposure). And in the first week of taking the meds, I had a few symptoms which scared me to death. The timeline is:
1) Sept 10th: potential exposure
2) Sept 11st: taking PEP
3) Sept 15-17th: had high fever
4) Sept 19th: developed rashes all over the body; Had a 4th generation test turned out to be negative
5) Sept 24th: most rashes have gone down but some are still persistent on my calf and thigh. Almost none on my torso.

Would love to hear your opinion on this piece. I know that my risks profile should be okay, as there is no direct sex contact. But still I am very scared because of these symptoms that I experienced.

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In all seriousness, you've gone overboard with anxiety. You never had a risk. What doctor would EVER give you pep for that either was barraged with your anxiety and just wanted to get you out of the office or they are uneducated. Risks for HIV include and ONLY include having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV needles to inject drugs. Oral sex (even without a condom) is NOT how people get HIV and there is not a single, not ONE single documented, proven case of hiv transmitting this way. And touching and sucking nipples? No. Air and saliva inactivate the virus. The worse thing here that YOU did was start taking pep. That's a hard drug to take and absolutely unnecessary for you. I don't need or want to hear about a single 'symptom'. It's unnecessary. Frankly, you made yourself feel terrible from side effects of pep. No risk, You don't have hiv from this incident.
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