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Hi Doctor,

Many Many thanks for your advise. But one thing, I am not still clear. When I used to do anal sex (men 2 men) bareback with my partner, I ejaculated my semen into his anal and that happened several times. We are both sure that we are not HIV positive and not bleeding either during the sex. So, is that risky to get HIV positive for me and him?
Another thing is to say that sometimes when I put my penis into his anal and start throbbing, a yellowish (poop type) fluid comes from his *** and get slippery of my penis. Is that also carry the risks of HIV Positve? I have asthema and I do not sex frequently. I go to bed with my boyfriend only once a month (12-15 times a year).
Please let me know.

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If you and your partner are both HIV negative, and are both also monogamous, there is no risk of HIV, no matter what sex acts you perform with each other. HIV does not materialize out of thin air.

One of you would have to become infected first before you could pass the virus on to each other. Be well.

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Have you both tested together and received your negative status? Have you had your HBV and HAV vaccinations? Are you both in a monogamous relationship?
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