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HIV Positive?


I had unprotected sex with a guy on June 4, 2008.  He did not ejaculate inside me.  A week after I started yawning a lot and feeling sleepy all the time.  I also noticed that I had softer than usual stool.  Three weeks later I started feeling a tingling sensation in my vagina (exactly where his penis touches me when we have sex).  Within a week after that, the tingling changed to a burning sensation that continued for approx. 2 days then returned to a mild tingling sensatiion.  I had flu-like symptoms (except fever) and noticed that a dry-skin rash that sometimes appear on my skin has appeared.  I also have has a swollen lymph node in the groin for the past 10 or so days.  It is not painful and is now barely visible.  I have had a sore throat for the past two weeks accompanied by post-nasal drip.  There is no pain in my throat just a discomfort that seems to be moving to my chest.

Does anyone recognize these symptoms and could they mean that I'm HIV positive after this encounter?  The guy and I broke up around the time I started feeling the vaginal irritation (I found out he'd been cheating) and I wonder if stress could cause some of these symptoms.
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well...for starters...ars synptoms do not come on one at a time over a period of weeks.

one can NEVER diagnose hiv by symptoms...as the symptoms of ars can also be caused by numberous other things...MAINLY STRESS AND ANXIETY!!!!!

now...your chance of being infected on this one time encounter are very low...even lower considering the fact that he "probably" does not have hiv himself...but it CAN happen.  although he did not ejaculate in you...hiv is present in pre-seminal fluid also.

you can test at 6-8 weeks for a good indication of the final result...but a test at 3 months is conclusive.

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what has happened to my spelling and typing skills???  lolol.  please excuse my typos :)
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Its because you have become a beach BUM LOL :))))))))
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Thank you Lizzie Lou for your reassuring comments.  I just wish I didn't have these symptoms to begin with, but I have been anxious about my health before so I hope like that time, I'm wrong this time too.
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Have you felt nauseated. Urge to go to the bathroom. Even wake yourself up to go? So you feel that sensation when you pee and are active as well. I felt all of the above in Dec. and was convinced I had something! Turns out it was a UTI :) cured in a few days w/ antibiotics. A woman's urethra is shorter than a mans (or something like that ehich my doc told me lol) and sex is the perfect thing to do do literally push bacteria up in ur vagina, which can cause a UTI. So thnk back if you peed after u had this sexual encounter or took a shower soon after because if u didn't it could have left this bacteria. Like what happened to me. Just go to the doc.
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