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To anyone who can help:

I am so sorry to trouble you but I recently went to a massage parlor and saw a women there. I used my hand to cup and rub her bare vagina. However, afterwards without thinking, I used to same hand to masturbate myself. My hand wasn't wet but my index finger (which I had inserted once into her vagina) was slightly moist.

I immediately realized the error of my ways and asked her her sexual history. She was 40 years old and she said she didn't kiss men or allow them to have intercourse with her. She merely allows them to touch her. She works as a masseuse. She claimed that all she did was provide handjobs to her clients.

I am an uncircumcised man and would like to know what to do. This happened only about 24 hours ago so maybe I should begin prophylaxis treatment? Should I take a shower and use soap. I also have an anti-fungal agent from a previous skin condition. Should I apply it on my penis?

Worried Young Man
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Also to be more clear:

I never touched the head of my penis only the shaft as I was masturbating. HIV can only get in through broken skin or the opening in the head of the penis right? It cannot get in through the shaft if it has no cuts on it. My hand and finger didn't have any cuts on it either.

The women said she was clean and didn't have anything.
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NO RISK, No pep needed, no worries needed, no test needed, just move on
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Thank you so much for the prompt reply but I am really worried because I didn't think at ALL. I told myself I wouldn't let her touch me (and I didn't) but I masturbated myself with the same hand that I was fingering her with.

There was some kissing but nothing deep. She didn't use use tongue.
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1st There has never been a case of transmission trhough mutual masturbation,

2nd HIV needs an special enviroment (air tight) for trasnmision to happen the virus infection power is almost vanished as soon as teh virus is in contact, with air, heat, light, ect.

3rd Kissing is zero risk it doesnt matter if you had kissed hiv positive draculina.

If you cant control your fear then look for a therapist to help you cope with this.
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The Accident and Emergency Dept / Emergency Room or whatever it's called in your country will tell you the same as the posters above.
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I'd like to thank both ECN44120 and SunnyOne802 for your prompt replies and wish you the best. You guys are doing a great job. I think this board is wonderful.
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