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HIV Query, any help?

Hello, i recently developed a concern about HIV. I had a flare up of seborrheic dermatitis (my worst ever). I am concerned it is a symptom of ARS. It flared up on July 12th and lasted about a week however, it did not flare up until i began to stress about a potential HIV exposure.

I had intercourse with 3 people the month before, 2 men 1 women.

June 17th - protected anal, unprotected receptive oral with no ejaculation with man.

June 24th - protected vaginal sex.

July 8th - protected anal (however, there were two condom slippages from two separate condoms but i believe at both times the urethra was still covered) and unprotected receptive oral with no ejaculation with another man.

On July 19th i tested negative for both syphilis and HIV (32 days after first event, 11 after final)

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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No risk=no disease=no ARS
Oral is zero risk and you can't get HIV when you used a condom. Your HIV concern is a waste of your time and energy.
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I appreciate your feedback, it is very helpful, thank you.
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If anyone else would like to leave a second opinion, that would be fantastic.
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Your situation is straightforward like all HIV prevention questions and resolution. So this is not a debating forum because everyone will just have the same answer.
Sorry to bring up an old(ish) post. I am currently waiting until the 6 week mark from my final exposure (about Aug 20th). Over the past week i have developed dry mouth, lightheadedness and my seb derm is flaring up. Is it possible the condom in any of the above events failed? and in your experience how often do people who have used condoms contract hiv?
*waiting to get tested that is. i am worried sick.
People who use condoms that don't break don't get HIV. Yours didn't break otherwise you would've noticed it. You do not have HIV but you have an anxiety problem related to HIV. If you are unable to accept that you had no exposure then your next step should be to contact a therapist to help resolve your anxiety problem.
Thank you. I just began to wonder due to a post i read suggesting it was possible for micro tears in a latex condom to occur, i am still unsure if this is a possibility. Yes i have been suffering with an anxiety disorder for 6 years with on and off treatment, i am currently looking at a second course of CBT to help manage it.
Was that post on this forum? It is incorrect, so maybe the moderators will delete it if you can point it out.
No, this post was on another site.
You can read anything on the internet. We rely on the opinion of expert doctors and do not follow other site's claims. if you continue Googling for Death, you can find some site that tells you that whatever you plan to do in the next 10 minutes has a chance of death.
It is often the conservative figures and language used by the large organisations such as the CDC or NHS that make me anxious. Whereas i prefer forums like this that speak in absolutes and leave less room for interpretation.
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